The World Bank: Year in Review: 2016 in 12 Charts (and a video) (Demo)

Between the social, political, and economic upheavals affecting our lives, and the violence and forced displacement making headlines, you’d be forgiven for feeling gloomy about 2016. A look at the data reveals some of the challenges we face but also the progress we’ve made toward a more peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable future.

Visualised in 12 charts that help tell the stories of the year.

1. The number of refugees in the world increased.
2. The global climate change agreement entered into force.
3. Global trade weakened
4. More people had access to mobile phones than to electricity or clean water.
5.  A third of all people were under the age of 20.
6. 600 million jobs will be needed in the next 10 years.
7. 1 in 3 people did not have access to a toilet.
8. Most of the world’s extreme poor lived in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.
9. By 2030, two thirds of the world will live in cities.
10: A record number of economies carried out business reforms.
11. Tobacco smoking has increased in over 20 countries.
12. The world’s poorest countries got a record level of support.

View Charts and Additional Text: The World Bank, 22 December 2016

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