University agrees International Engineering Exchange (Demo)

The University of Sheffield has signed a memorandum of understanding with Nanjing University to contribute to a three-way exchange programme that also involves Ohio State University in the US.

The three universities will hold summer programmes to support undergraduate engineering students to work together to innovate, create and commercialise their inventions.

The students will work on technological solutions in order to help improve the lives of those with medical conditions.

Sir Keith Burnett, vice-chancellor and principal of the University of Sheffield, said: “I am delighted that the University of Sheffield is able to use its strength in engineering and enterprise education in such positive manner to work internationally with other similar-minded universities. Innovation and entrepreneurial skills are truly critical to the economies of the UK, China and the US.”

Professor Zhang Yibin, chancellor of Nanjing University, added: “This three way exchange builds on the long-term relationship Nanjing University has with Sheffield and the ongoing program with Ohio State, so it integrates current bilateral partnerships into a new stage.

“In China, Nanjing University is one of the four national demonstration bases for innovation and entrepreneurship of higher education. I believe it very necessary to have more international partners in training global leaders with innovation and entrepreneurial abilities.”

The University of Sheffield’s research partners and clients include: Boeing, Rolls-Royce, Unilever, AstraZeneca, Glaxo SmithKline, Siemens and Airbus, as well as many UK and overseas government agencies and charitable foundations.

Source: Karishma Patel, Insider Media, 29th September 2016

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