UKTI hails huge jump in exporting (Demo)




The number of companies receiving help to export has increased by 50 per cent in the last financial year, according to trade minister Lord Livingston.

UK Trade & Investment helped a total of 47,960 businesses to export for the first time, or find new markets, through its network of specialists in the UK and in British embassies around the world.

The figures have been published as part of UKTI’s annual Performance and Impact Monitoring Survey and show the support was worth £49.1 billion to the UK economy in overseas sales, which is expected to create or safeguard 220,000 jobs.

Companies receiving support to export to the United States saw the biggest increase, 51 per cent (4,131 businesses), followed by China, 47 per cent (2,961 businesses), and Brazil, 38 per cent (1,415 businesses). Other countries included the UAE, with 28 per cent (1,824 businesses).

Source: The Sheffield Star

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