UK defence export promotion inquiry (Demo)

Source:, 21st July

The Committees on Arms Export Controls have launched an inquiry into UK defence export promotion. The inquiry will examine the role the government plays in promoting the UK defence industry abroad and consider the impact this has on fulfilling the nation’s international obligations.

The inquiry also examines the effectiveness of the Defence Growth Partnership. The partnership between the government and the defence industry aims to increase the UK’s global market share of defence exports and build greater collaboration across the sector.

Terms of reference

Written submissions are invited on the following questions:

  • How important are UK defence exports to the economy?
  • What role should HM Government play in promoting UK defence exports?
  • How effective is the Defence Growth Partnership in supporting UK defence exports?
  • Is the UK fulfilling its international obligations with regard to defence exports?
  • What more could the UK do to promote responsible defence exports?

Deadline for submissions

The deadline for written submissions is 31 August 2016.

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