Sales and profits soar at B Braun Medical (Demo)

Sales and profits have shot up at B Braun Medical as investments made by the Sheffield-based manufacturer and distributor of healthcare products started to pay off.

Chief executive Hans Hux said the company had made a strong start to 2014 as it continued along a rapid growth trajectory.

After reporting a successful 2013, with continued underlying growth from its core business and improved operating profitability, B Braun Medical said it was confident of further growth “for the foreseeable future”.

In the year to 31 December 2013, B Braun Medical Ltd, part of the Germany-headquartered global healthcare business B Braun Group, reported pre-tax profit of £9.6m, up from £7.4m, on sales which rose from £98.3m to £107m.

Despite supplying goods and services to the healthcare sector, B Braun Medical said it did not expect demand to decline significantly in the long term even in light of the current pressures placed upon public sector expenditure.

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