Researching the EU e-learning Market (Demo)

Halton International was commissioned by Learning Light, in Sheffield, to undertake extensive research across 19 European countries in order to establish market size and trends and give value to the corporate e-learning market.

As a result of this work, Renate Halton was named in the latest European list of the Top Ten Most Influential People or ‘Movers and Shakers’ in the corporate e-learning sector, which is compiled by a panel of key sector experts, which commented: ‘As Head of Halton International, she was the key researcher behind the 2010 Learning Light report on the e-learning sector which looked at the corporate e-learning markets not only in the UK but also in 19 European countries.’

David Patterson, Director of Learning Light, said: “We needed someone with considerable experience and knowledge to conduct the research. It was a challenge to identify comparable data and Halton International came up trumps! In the absence of real time comparable e-learning EU data Renate’s ‘out of the box’ approach and knowledge of research sources resulted in the valuable contribution to the UK E-learning market 2010 report. Renate’s research and analytical skills allowed us to achieve our objectives.”