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ISPO is a cost effective means by which to further the development of companies’ international business performance.  ISPO has been successfully skills matching international students with quality UK placement job opportunities for a number of years, sourcing students through links with over 250 continental education establishments. Placement opportunities are advertised with universities throughout Europe.

Skilled international students bring a wealth of cultural and linguistic awareness into an organisation. ISPO has helped companies develop their international trade in such areas as Marketing, Sales, Market Research, Communication, IT, Engineering.


  • An immediate “native-guide” & further research into new overseas and local markets.
  • A first-hand knowledge of the business culture and consumer attitudes of overseas markets.
  • A solution to language barriers and international communication difficulties.
  • A cost-effective and flexible solution to short term staffing shortages allowing you to fill a position with a highly motivated member of staff.
  • Eliminates the time and trouble of finding temporary workers with the right skills for short-term projects.
  • Savings on both time and money in respect of training as ISPO students are well-trained young professionals who can contribute immediately to the success of your company.

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Contact Details: Maria Martin-Albarran, t: 0115 957 8757  or e:

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