Business and education leaders in Sheffield are joining forces on a new hub designed to help build links and generate investment from China.

The China UK Business Incubator (CUBI) is a not-for-profit social enterprise, which will be located at the New Era Development, a mixed-use project which includes the 21 storey Jade Tower, student accommodation, offices, retail and catering units, along with a purpose-built plaza.

The incubator will offer support in trading with China, incubation space to help Chinese nationals set up businesses in Sheffield, and help in increasing the city’s Chinese student population.

It is supported by supported by New Era, Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, Sheffield Hallam University, The University of Sheffield and Sheffield City Council with the aim of stimulating more economic activity between Sheffield City Region and China at a time when the UK needs to increase trading partners beyond Europe.

The launch of the incubator will take place on 17 September business leaders, entrepreneurs, policy makers, VIPs and Chinese students invited.

Jerry Cheung, New Era Development managing director, said: “The key to success of this China UK Business incubator is the marriage of the public sector (Sheffield City Council), the education sector (University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University), the business sector (Chamber of Commerce) and the private sector (New Era Development); all coming together to collaborate on this not-for-profit social enterprise.

“The overarching objective is to create wealth and jobs for the people and businesses of the City of Sheffield and the local region.”

Source: Stephen Farrell, Insider Media, 14th September 2018

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