Indonesia – Your Next Business Opportunity (Demo)




Indonesia as part of the MINT Economies
‘The Next Powerhouse’

Indonesia is seen as a big business opportunity, it is the 4th most populous country in the world and the largest in South-East Asia with 240 million inhabitants.

Part of the latest set of emerging markets MINT, it is projected that Indonesia will become the 5th largest economy in the world by 2030. It offers an immense opportunity due to the fact that their middle class is larger than the whole population of Australia and is growing. This makes it the ideal market for British companies who want to export into Asia.

There are some challenges to face however, Indonesia has quite complex bureaucracy and a poor but developing infrastructure. Taking this into consideration developing new business in Indonesia takes time, especially as Indonesians prefer to build long-lasting and trustworthy business relationships rather than do a quick sale.

Lizzy Hawkins Director of Trade & Investment based in the British Embassy Jakarta will be speaking at this event and she will highlight the key opportunities in this diverse and growing market.

A FREE event is being provided at the Aston Hall Hotel in Sheffield to present opportunities in Indonesia by UKTI. Lunch will be provided, and the event will run from 9.300am until 2.30pm on Friday 21st November 2014.

For more information, see our event page.

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