German e-learning Market (Demo)


In 2010 Learning Light Limited, in Sheffield, proposed to include market data and statistics on the German market in the UK e-learning market report the organisation produces. However no relevant data & statistics existed for this niche market sector. Therefore, Halton International were commissioned to undertake the necessary research. The outcome of this work would give Learning Light and subsequently its clients an industry, insight into the German market, enabling potential comparison of the e-learning market in Germany and subsequently, also to other European countries.

Learning Light had already developed an in-house model to collate data related to the size of the UK e-learning market. The research to be carried out was to establish if the data for the model is available in Germany and could therefore be applied accordingly. The main aspects of the project involved research in the English, as well as the German language, to establish if the data is in existence and if the Learning Light model would therefore be applicable in its current format.

Whilst researching the availability of data and to add value, it was agreed Halton International would contribute to the research by establishing if there were any existing previous published market information, reports, findings or articles on the German e-learning market, including potential contacts for further investigation, in order to establish a more in-depth understanding of the market. In addition the research involved identifying key companies in the sector.

David Patterson, Project Director of Learning Light Limited, said: “Learning Light publishes an annual UK report on the e-learning market. In 2010 we wanted to extend this to incorporate other EU countries. We looked at Germany as a sample in the first instance but couldn’t find the detailed statistical information we required.   I have worked with Renate previously and asked if she could help. By utilising her fluent German skills she found exactly what we were looking for!”

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