Using social media to drive business


3.00pm — 4.00pm on April 9, 2014


UKTI are providing an overview of the best social media channels for businesses to use to achieve their organisations objectives along with some best practice advice.

Not so long ago, social media seemed so new and different, but now it’s simply part of the way we do marketing. In today’s world, social media tactics need to be considered within your strategic marketing decisions. Rather than asking if you should or should not use Facebook or Twitter, the question is: “How can Facebook and Twitter help me achieve my objectives?”

This webinar on using social media to drive business will cover:-

  • An overview of different social media channels available
  • What the best social media tools are for your objectives, whether B2B or B2C
  • Social media best practice for customer engagement
  • Examples of brands doing social media well and not so well
  • Eligibility criteria: South East Companies

Target Audience: Any companies currently using social media or looking to use social media.

To register for this online event, visit the UKTI registration area here.


Online Webinar

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