EU Retail Volume on the Up! (Demo)








Figures released on the 4 February 2015 by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union show that Retail volume in December 2014 are up by 0.3% in comparison to November 2014. No surprise there I hear you say, after all Christmas was just around the corner.

More interesting I suppose is to see the annual increase of 2.8%  over the 12  month period from December 2013 to December 2014 in the euro area and 3.2% in the EU28. Well that looks great doesn’t it?

So if you are exporting and sell into the retail sector, where does your opportunity lie? Let’s have a further look in the breakdown…

The 2.8% increase in volume of retail trade in the euro area breaks down as follows, noting a rise for the non-food sectors at 3.5%, automotive fuel 2.3% and ‘Food, drinks & tobacco’ sector at 1.6%.

In comparison trade figures in the EU28, the 3.2% increase in retail trade is due to rises of 4.0% for the non-food sector, of 2.0% for automotive fuel and of 1.8% for Food, drinks and tobacco.

So which country has experienced the most increases?  Luxembourg, an astonishing 9.2% increase (my mind is wandering off in one direction here), followed by Spain at 6.6% and closely followed by Bulgaria at 6.4%.

At the other end of the scale decreases are noted for Finland at -2.6%, Slovenia -2.5% and Malta at -1.4%.

Statistics are a snapshot overview and have a story behind them. I know which country I would be concentrating my research a little further on to see if tangible opportunities exist in my sector…

Source: Eurostat (See the report here)

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