Dr Liam Fox’s speech: A world beyond Europe, a time beyond Brexit

Published 30 November 2018, www.gov.uk

Extracts from the speech, highlighting some notable points….

  • *-In 2017 we saw total UK exports rise by 10.9% compared with 2016.
  • We sold almost £50 billion worth of mechanical machinery, £41 billion worth of motor vehicles, £16 billion worth of aircraft and £14 billion worth of medical equipment.
  • The IMF has predicted that 90% of global growth in the next 5 years will originate outside the EU
  • The 27 nations of the European Union constitute some of our largest trading partners. As a whole, some 44% of this country’s exports of goods and services still go to the EU, although that proportion has been declining over the past decade or so.
  • Ambitious arrangements have been made in the political declaration for services and investment, arrangements that go well beyond WTO commitments and build on recent EU FTAs
  • We have set out an approach which means the UK would be able to set its own trade policy with the rest of the world, including setting our own tariffs, implementing our own trade remedies, and taking up our independent seat at the World Trade Organization
  • …during the implementation period, my department will have the freedom to negotiate, sign and ratify new trade agreements
  • Over 14 weeks, we asked businesses, organisations and individuals to tell us what they needed from these FTAs, and how the Department for International Trade can help them to thrive internationally.
  • Clearly, businesses the length and breadth of Britain are eager to move into new markets overseas. If we want Britain to become a global exporting superpower, all we have to do is unlock that potential.
  • Our new Export Strategy, published in August, is an important first step to doing just that. The Export Strategy represents one of the most comprehensive export packages offered to businesses anywhere in the world, designed to inform, connect, encourage and finance exporting opportunities for businesses of all sizes
  • There are currently over 24,000 live export and investment opportunities on our website. Put simply, the world wants what Britain is selling. Businesses large and small can find these real-time opportunities at great.gov.uk.

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