Yorkshire – No longer the well-kept secret tourist destination!


Sheffield residents knew the city was fantastic all along – but now a quarter of the country wants to visit too

A row of yellow bikes line the Tour De France route in LeyburnA study has shown that public opinion and awareness of Yorkshire has ‘rocketed’ after it hosted the Tour de France’s biggest ever Grand Départ.

More than one third of the UK’s population had their opinions on Yorkshire positively changed, it found.

And three quarters of the county want tourism agency Welcome to Yorkshire – who led the winning bid – to bid for more sporting events to be held within the county.

Chief executive Gary Verity said: “The passion, the crowds and the support that Yorkshire demonstrated for the Tour to the watching world were mind-blowing. The economic benefit to the county is being conservatively estimated to be in excess of £100m, but could well be more after what we all witnessed and these early research results too.SurreyStreet Whatever the final figure, it was the images of Yorkshire and its amazing landscapes being beamed around the world which will prove priceless in the months and years ahead for our county. This is the start of a journey for Yorkshire, not the end of one. The Yorkshire Grand Départ was a game changer and we’re only just scratching the surface of the enormous potential that our county has as we continue on our way towards being a global must-see destination.”

For more on this story, see the Sheffield Star article here.

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